Freedom of Choice

Choose your own healthcare providers. There is no limiting network of doctors abroad — pick any doctor of your choice.

Emergency Medical Evacuation

Should you or an insured family member need to be evacuated to a different country for necessary medical care.

Global Coverage

Coverage in over 180 countries including your home country to prevent gaps in coverage that can leave you and your family vulnerable.

Mobile Friendly

Thanks to our mPassport app you can file claims with the click of a button.

Policy Highlights:

  • Add Your Family
    Full coverage benefits extend to family members living abroad. Also, if both parents are abroad the youngest two children under 10 years old receive free coverage.
  • Minimize Your Out-of-Pocket Expenses
    The insurer can pay your medical bills directly.
  • Flexible Payment Options
    Submit payments either annually, semi-annually, quarterly and via an instalment plan.
  • Optional Benefits 
    You can also add coverage for dental, accidental death and dismemberment or war and terrorism.
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